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3 min readJun 14, 2018
By ADCI Solutions

A website building can be a complicated and long process. But what if you need a simple site with a small set of functionality? We know a solution — use profiles. Yes, of course, it is fast but anyway there is a question: what profile should you choose?

Look at these 5 ADCI Solutions’ Drupal profiles which we collected here for you!

1. Commerce Profile

It doesn’t matter what kind of goods you sell because this profile is suitable for any merchandise. It helps to make your online selling fast, easy, and inexpensive. What else is needed for an online shop? Also, the profile consists of well-organized files which are easy to modify and customize.

2. Corporate profile

How you may guess from the profile name, this one is the best solution to place a portfolio or promote services. It is important to notice that it is fully responsive and it will look great at any device.

3. Multipurpose Corporate Profile

One more profile for corporate websites. If you need something good-looking and modern for your future website you may choose this profile. It is definitely suitable for professional business and corporate sites, portfolios, events promotions, and more.

You also may look at the Multipurpose Corporate Profile demo.

4. Brainstorm profile

The Brainstorm profile has a modern web design and a user-friendly interface. If you want to put your company’s best foot forward, just install this profile — it will do everything for you.

With Brainstorm, you can create a blog or portfolio and share company’s news.

5. Food Delivery Profile

And the last one from our 5 profiles is Food Delivery. It is really modern and good-looking! The Food Delivery profile provides a flexible catalog which helps users quickly find any type of products. The work without reloading shopping cart does not distract customers from the buying process. Also, it has a contact page and you can get feedback any time.

It is worth saying, that this profile is available only for Drupal 7.

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