Drupal Digest #22

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2 min readJul 16, 2018


July is here and it means that we’ve already composed our Drupal Digest #22. The new list of Drupal modules, continuous integration with Gitlab, and a Symfony CRM app are waiting for you. Go ahead!

Drupal modules for a university website

How can you make an educational website more interactive and user-friendly? It’s easy with these Drupal modules.

Check them out.

Continuous integration with Drupal 8 and Gitlab CI/CD

Here you will dive into the continuous integration world. Learn about the Gitlab pipeline and its 3 stages, each of them consists of 1 or more CI jobs.

Read the guide.

At the end of the newsletter, we will speak about Symfony and how you can build a CRM app with its help.

This application includes a lot of features and a unique UX design. Learn more about the project.

Find the details.

You may find all our issues of the Drupal Digest here.



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