Drupal for e-Learning websites

What a Drupal website for distance learning should be like?

But, in the spring of 2020, students from all over the world had to leave classrooms and study through special websites. So, you can imagine the scale of this problem.

What distance learning is based on:

  • learning management system (LMS),
  • system stores training that is written based on the e-learning standard (one of the SCORM, Tin Can/xAPI or CMI5 versions,),
  • learning record store (LRS), if educational content is based on the Tin Can/xAPI standard.
  • content management feature,
  • division of user roles,
  • calendar,
  • tasks and tests,
  • tools to display the student progress,
  • badges and certificates of graduation,
  • video conference,
  • newsletter,
  • chat,
  • registration through social networks.
How students use an LMS for group projects



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