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2 min readOct 30, 2020

The international consulting agency Oxford Business Group (OBG) was in the need of the CRM app to record information about companies and notes about past meetings. The agency examines the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America markets, and its analysts travel for business purposes often. Therefore, the CRM app has to fulfill two conditions: to have an intuitive interface and light load, even with a slow Internet connection.

Required functionality:

  • data processing,
  • permission separation system,
  • search,
  • user-friendly interface that simplifies the workflow.

This project took four Symfony developers a year.

The development was carried out on the principle of continuous integration. The principle allows you to make product releases with small updates more often in order to get feedback from users.

The UX design is tailored to the needs of the international team. For example, the just entered data does not disappear due to a disconnection, we made the autosave of notes using JavaScript. Each interaction with agency partners is logged, all calls and emails are assigned a status for ease of search and filtering.

CRM users are divided into two groups: managers and administrators, who give managers access to specific projects. Thanks to the permission system, the same manager can have different roles or different rights on the project.

The search engine saves frequent requests and has an autocomplete function.

Tag clouds help you filter and structure information. We provided an opportunity to create sets of custom tags to avoid too hard queries and give more flexibility.

We have developed such features as adding a new company to the CRM system by one button hit, an interactive calendar, and data visualization for simplifying work processes.

The CRM system by ADCI Solutions is developed by specific company needs, and it doesn’t have any needless functionality. Do you need a CRM system for your company?

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