The survey conducted by ADCI Solutions: only 17% of citizens actually use medical websites to get an appointment

The survey conducted by ADCI Solutions

Over the period between May and October of 2020, the Omsk web studio ADCI Solutions was researching problems of clinics and clients, associated with patient calls to private clinics as well as with distance health-care services in this Russian region.

  • 17% of the respondents always book an appointment through the website,
  • 38% of those surveyed have issues with booking an appointment through the website or don’t know about this possibility.
  • 37% don’t like making a decision in a hurry and a bustle,
  • 34% don’t feel like talking on the phone,
  • 34% don’t want to lose time in traffic jams and queues at hospitals.
  • 31% are not happy that they have to sign up on the website before they can make an appointment,
  • 27% had not received any confirmation about scheduling the appointments sо they have not understood if they can visit the clinic on this particular scheduled date,
  • 24% cannot find how to make the appointment on the site.



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